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From Mircea Toma <>
Subject sitemap verbosity
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 03:35:37 GMT
Sorry if my idea doesn't fit in your vision but I needed to express it
anyway because I worked for a while with XSLT and when I found out the
"sitemap" idea I was relieved. The "sitemap" verbosity & inheritance bugged
me for a while so I come with a proposition (donít know if good or bad). I
think is also possible to implement it efficiently.

A wordy DTD:

sitemap -can have: serializer, processor, producer (for raw data).
serializer -can have: proccesor, producer.
processor -can have: processor (chain of filters), producer, param (only
producer -can have: process.

<serializer name="html"/>
<!-- the first stylesheet for some URI and the second for others URI -->
<processor name="xslt">
<param name="stylesheet" value="beautifulthings.xsl"/>
<producer name="file"/>
<process uri="flowers/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*flower.xml"/>
<process uri="vases/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*vase.xml"/>
<process uri="ceramics/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*ceramic.xml"/>
<process uri="carpets/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*carpet.xml"/>
<!-- the first stylesheet -->
<processor name="xslt">
<param name="stylesheet" value="expensivethings.xsl"/>
<process uri="diamonds/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*diamond.xml"/>
<process uri="opals/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*opal.xml"/>
<process uri="rubins/*.html" translate="/home/xml/*rubin.xml"/>
<producer name="xsp">
<process uri="beautifullist.html" translate="/home/xml/beautifull.xsp"/>
<process uri="expensivelist.html" translate="/home/xml/expensive.xsp"/>
<serializer name="pdf"/>
<processor name="fop2pdf">
<param name="stylesheet" value="flowers.xsl"/>
<producer name="file"/>
<process uri="flowers/*.pdf" translate="/home/xml/*flower.xml"/>
<process uri="vases/*.pdf" translate="/home/xml/*vase.xml"/>
<process uri="ceramics/*.pdf" translate="/home/xml/*ceramic.xml"/>
<process uri="carpets/*.pdf" translate="/home/xml/*carpet.xml"/>
<processor name="fop2pdf">
<param name="stylesheet" value="flowers.xsl"/>
<producer name="xsp">
<process uri="beautifullist.pdf" translate="/home/xml/beautifull.xsp"/>
<process uri="expensivelist.pdf" translate="/home/xml/expensive.xsp"/>

Mircea Toma.

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