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From "Zisch (Matthias Meier), NetHorizon AG" <>
Subject Hacked Cocoon 1.7
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 14:19:03 GMT
Hi all,

I have a first version of a modified Cocoon 1.7.2 which is able to do "internal 
subrequests". (There's not much ported from WeAF yet, but the internal 
subrequests for Cocoon should work now.)

As said before, my project does not intend to fork the Cocoon project in any 
way, but it is actually a "port" of our own "Web-Application-Framework" ("WeAF") 
from a standalone-framework to a Cocoon-based one. To get this working, I needed 
to do some extensions to the original Cocoon 1.7.2, most notably I needed the 
possibility to do "internal subrequests". However, the whole project is targeted 
to our specific needs, that is to get the next generation of our 
E-Commerce-Applications (currently running on top of WeAF1) out of the door as 
soon as possible.

However, we give the code to anyone who wants it. (I used a modified Apache 
License for the code which is contributed by NetHorizon.)

To make it easier for me to distribute the source code to the interested people, 
I made it available for download at 

There is also a README file which I wrote to give some hints. It's included in 
the zip-archive, but you also get it directly with 

Comments are always welcome.


| Matthias Meier  |
| NetHorizon AG     |
|                                                  |
| City Server of Winterthur |
| Swiss Internet CD Shop |
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