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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: "CPAN for java"
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 21:34:56 GMT
On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 10:13:05PM +0100, Robin Green wrote:
> Paul Russell <>
> >I'm looking to build some kind of bean/class
> >repository to operate as a kind of CPAN for java...

> We also have non-open-source categories, which are a bit less 
> well-organised. Can I suggest that rather than duplicating the ODP's work, 
> you could apply to become an ODP editor - unless you want to add more 
> features than the ODP offers, or want to build a different kind of beast 
> altogether.

The origional concept was indeed to build a different beast
altogether, but the whole reason for doing this is to plug a
hole that my company could do with being plugged, so I'm open
to suggestions etc.

> (For mirroring, don't forget we already have 
> )

Yep, I know. (Spot the lucky swine with a 10MB/sec connection :)

> >Anyone got
> >any preferences/thoughts on licences for that, or should we leave
> >it upto the bean/class author?
> For a repository? Personally, I provide classification and information, but 
> don't exclude anything (after all, ODP editors aren't allowed to exclude 
> whole classes of software from the entire directory just because they don't 
> like the licensing!)

Yep, sounds fair... I'd want to *strongly* encourage open source
however, for all the usual reasons (hey, I'm a 'geek', I like to
fiddle with code if it breaks ;)

The above is not an official statement from my employers.

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