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From "Zisch (Matthias Meier), NetHorizon AG" <>
Subject Re: Image Serializers
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 12:18:40 GMT
"Stefano Mazzocchi" wrote:
>"Zisch (Matthias Meier), NetHorizon AG" wrote:
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>> Hi Stefano,
>> [...]
>> >> What in the world is wrong with the LGPL? code that links against it can
>> >> have any license whatsoever, we just have to release any modifications we
>> >> might make to the original library under the LGPL. As viral licenses go,
>> >> think LGPL is a good one and we shouldn't hesitate to rely on packages
>> >> released under it.
>> >
>> >It's not a problem with me or you or anybody that understood the "idea"
>> >behind open source. But as far as the ASF goes, there are things that
>> >simply can't work once you have a xGPL license. Problems include people
>> >from big companies that can't work on a project because a little clause
>> >in a stupid library says that if you do, all that companies pattents
>> >must be freely licenced to the FSF or something like that.
>> [...]
>> >From what I know about Open-Source-Licenses, that is (almost ;-) true for 
>> GPL, but not for the LGPL! As Donald said, you are allowed to 
>> code under the LPGL without affecting any other code of the same project. 
>> if you make changes to the code under the LPGL itself (!), you must release 
>> changes (again) under the LPGL. So it should be (almost ;-) no problem to 
>> on libraries released under the LPGL for Cocoon -- or did I completely
>> misunderstood the FSF licenses?
>No, you did not.
>The problem is that _people_ get those licenses right, but normally
>_companies_ don't.
>Yeah, companies are made of people... and lawyers. That's the
>difference. :)

Good point. I didn't think about that :-)

>Anyway, my original point was:
>1) if we need code, look around
>2) if you find some code that is GPL-ed, it's useless
>3) if you find code LGPL-ed and some other BSD, let's try to use the BSD
>4) if only LGPL is available and code is not trivial, we'll use it
>How does it sound as a design pattern?

+1 from me!

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