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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2 suggestions
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 18:47:52 GMT wrote:

>Me too! Rerouting to an arbitrary page would be cool.

Not just cool, essential. Cocoon needs a global mechanism for custom error 
pages. (JSP already has it.) Acme Megacorp isn't going to want to have its 
customers see ugly debugging output, ever! :-)

Different webapps will want different error pages. You need a fallback error 
page if the custom error page itself has an error. (A situation which of 
course in a production website, you want to make highly improbable.)

Is the JSP mechanism of specifying an error page in each JSP page redundant? 
It seems so to me - any page-specific error handling should be dealt with on 
the page itself, or within the Java code that it calls.

Or perhaps we want the best of both worlds - error falls through these 4 
levels until it is caught:

Level 1) _Optional_ page-specific error page, specified like in JSP as an 
xsp:page attribute.

Level 2) per-webapp error page, specified in the sitemap or cocoon 
properties or something.

Level 3) "foolproof" error page, hard-coded like it is now.

Level 4) //FIXME: Should never get here! ;)

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