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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Licenses (was Re: Image Serializers)
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 18:33:31 GMT
> >> What in the world is wrong with the LGPL?


Er, I hate to point this out, but the post that started this off was in 
error. The open source PNG Encoder is under the GPL, not the LGPL, unless 
there is some other version I don't know about.

> >must be freely licenced to the FSF or something like that.

The FSF _owns_ a lot of code merely because it recommends to individual 
people that they donate code to it for legal reasons, just like the ASF 
does. But there is no legal requirement to do so. (Anyway, that's not what 
you said, but it sounded like you were alluding to it.)

If Megacorp Inc has a problem with making certain code available to others, 
they will equally avoid contributing under either the LGPL or the Apache 
license. But that doesn't mean they won't _use_ the products under those 
licenses - cf Apache, Linux.

In fact, even GPLed code can have proprietary mods if they are not 
_distributed_ - or if Linus Torvalds makes a legally-dubious exception! ;)

>As Donald said, you are allowed to link/use/integrate
>code under the LPGL without affecting any other code of the same project.

That's my understanding too - only the files containing the original code 
must be LGPLed. That's the key feature which differentiates the Lesser GPL 
from the GPL itself, which requires all code linked to it to be also GPLed - 
if distributed.

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