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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Status of stylebook/cocoon integration
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 01:43:29 GMT
Okay, apologies if I'm covering old turf here, it's late, and
my memory stops working at about 2:00 in the morning ;)

Is anyone currently working on the integration between stylebook
and cocoon2? I could *really* do with being able to use cocoon2
to generate statics, particuarly as I'm likely to be using cocoon2
proper 'rather a lot' in the near future.

I'm very very happy to start working on the integration if that's
any good to you guys, but I'd need to know how you're aiming for
things to head. E.g, are we basically just after a command line
utility that generates the whole site according to the sitemap, or
are we after something more complicated than that?

If necessary, I could probably hack something together to serve
my needs, but I'd much rather do things right if I can...

This is of course all assuming that Pier and Stefano don't mind
me coding away in the background! Anyone know if anyone's already
doing this?

Cheers, a very sleepy Paul.

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