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From Norman Walsh <>
Subject Re: Documentation grammars, was:[Re: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings]
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 15:00:51 GMT
/ "Mark Washeim" <> was heard to say:

[yes, we're drifting off topic here]

| There is NO SUCH DTD. I mentioned the CALS table model (US military spec) in
| an earlier mail. It's the basis of much of what's in HTML. It's also

While I'd say that a few HTML 4.0 table features are CALS
inspired, I think saying "much of what's in HTML" is CALS
inspired is a considerable overstatement. But nevermind.

| limiting in ways that make it useless for publishing while very usefull for
| industrial purposes (where the constraints of 'layout' are not in effect).

Given the huge number of documents that I've seen formatted with
CALS tables, I can't fathom what you mean. The relative colspec
stuff in CALS would be fantastically useful for layout
constraints, if it were provided in HTML.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | One does what one is; one becomes                 | what one does.--Robert Musil

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