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From Lee Burgess <>
Subject why id() does not work in Cocoon
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:42:39 GMT

I have noticed that Cocoon does not seem to support the XPath id()

To see an example of what is happening, please read:

I looked on the Xalan dev list and found this:

Thanks for the clue, Mike. :)

Looking at the code in Cocoon, instantiates an
XSLTProcessor like so (line 87):

XSLTProcessor processor = XSLTProcessorFactory.getProcessor(new XMLParser(parser));

Where parser is created in (line 133).

parser = (Parser) manager.create((String) configurations.get(PARSER_PROP,
            PARSER_DEFAULT), configurations.getConfigurations(PARSER_PROP));
manager.setRole("parser", parser);

This parser is defined by

parser = org.apache.cocoon.parser.XercesParser

I am starting to get in over my head, but from what I can tell,
org.apache.cocoon.parser.XercesParser is not compatible or
interchangeble with org.apache.xalan.xpath.xdom.XercesLiaison, which
explains why Cocoon does not support id() (I think).

If I am correct, how hard would it be modify cocoon to allow the to specify org.apache.xalan.xpath.xdom.XercesLiaison
as the parser?  

Are there other ways to get id() support into Cocoon?

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