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From Lee Burgess <>
Subject Re: Specifying an XSL in a Cocoon Request
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 18:04:09 GMT
Mike Engelhart writes:
 > Lee Burgess wrote:
 > > In any case, that sounds fine by me.  However my manager is not overly
 > > receptive to XSP.  :(
 > but he should be!  It kicks ass.. :-)

Well, I wil try to convince him.  :)

In the mean time, I am having difficulting writing an XSP logicsheet
to set the xml-stylesheet PI for a given XML.

We definitely *don't* want XSP logic in the XML file; so I figure that
we can use a logicsheet (XSL).  The idea I have is that every XML we
have can specify the the same logicsheet that dynamically assigns an
XSL to the XML based on request params. 

A) Does that sound right?

B) Does anybody have any code like this (a sample xml and logicsheet)
that you are willing to share?

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