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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: building editor GUIs from XML
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 13:13:30 GMT
We're in the process of completeing a more easily deployable version of a
tool we have in place. It uses schemas (Feb 2000 draft) to instantiate the

We had some dependencies on servlets (and our framework) which we are
removing to allow the applet to be deployed in an xsp context. It'll be
another two weeks before it's ready for you to look at, but I've already
promised it would be made available (with a BSD license).

If you can wait a little, it's coming.

Mark Washeim
Large Medium AB

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From: Jerm <>
To: <>
Date: 18 April 2000 12:58
Subject: building editor GUIs from XML

>Hi All,
>I am looking for a way to automatically build client-side Java GUIs for
editing remote XML documents.
>I have had a quick look at Bean Markup Language from IBM AlphaWorks, it
looks like the kind of thing that may help, ie. a GUI defined as XML, that
could be built dynamically by Cocoon, via XSL, from the XML file that is to
be edited.
>Has anyone got any experience of this kind of thing?
>Any advice?
>regards Jeremy
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