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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: problems with the cocoon cache
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 07:32:24 GMT

>I'm running into an instance where cocoon caches a stylesheet and refuses
>to ever reload it, even after it's been changed on disk. I'm trying to
>figure out when and why this occurs - has anyone else experienced this? If
>so, what "funky" things are you doing in your page? mine is funky since
>the original xml files passes through three transformations - one XSLT,
>one XSP, and a final XSLT, before being formatted - it's the final XSLT
>stylesheet that's refusing to leave the cache.

I have the same problem when I use 'clean' xml pages, transformed with
XSLT/XSP to bytecode and finally with XSLT to html. I usually
touch * and the situation is resolved???

In my case it's the median transform that doesn't clear the cache. I
suspected XSP but really haven't determined the cause. I was about to try to
move the XSP/XSLT into the library taglibs to see if that would do, since
I'm doing something similar (views on the file system) that's being done in
the Util logicsheet. That sheet never seems to cause problems when I modify
it (extend) and place it back in the jar file (I've done that twice). I'll
let you know if the theory checks out.


>- donald

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