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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: SVG Toolkit
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:12:35 GMT
> > Amazing timing!  :-)  On Friday I posted some code for Cocoon
> > 2 to Pier, specifically:

> i was about to commit the whole stuff to CVS...

Oh good!

> > Oh - I just noticed that you claim JIMI allows saving of GIFs.
> >  Are these compressed?  (Unisys own a patent on LZW) If so, a
> >  GIF encoder using JIMI might be very handy, until Image I/O
> > comes out with (I hope) GIF compression code.
> gif are compressed by default... they cannot be not-compressed...
> i just wonder if it's possible to use that code without breaking
> any US patent issue (even if it's distributed by sun and freely
> available...)

Are you sure?  There is a program for Unix which used to manipulate GIFs
(adjust transparency, etc), but after the Unisys patent thing they removed
the LZW compression code.  It still creates GIFs, they are just not
compressed.  IIRC, use of the LZW algorithm requires the payment of a $5000
license fee.  I also though that it is a fairly world-wide patent - if not
we'll have to find someone living where it is not patented and implement it
in Java!  Otherwise, I hope that Sun are generous and pay this so that
everyone using Java can write GIFs.  :-)

Ross Burton

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