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From "Pawel Pesz" <>
Subject [PATCH] Two i18n patches
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 23:41:23 GMT
Hello everybody!

I would like to propose the following two patches to the
current source tree. Together they should enable those
Cocoon authors who (like me) use non-Latin encodings
to fully utilize this truely wonderful package :-)
Writing them was really simple thanks to some recent
i18n modifications Stefano had made.

The first patch changes the Xerces wrapper so that
the parser's "allow-java-encodings" feature is set.
In this way authors can avail themselves of the many
built-in Java encodings and are not limited to ISO-8859-1
and UTF-8.

The second patch slightly modifies the Cocoon's engine to
make it take care of the output encoding when it
initializes its response.

What makes IMHO these two patches really useful is that
they enable one to use any encodings they like in their
XML/XSLT/etc. and still output everything consistently
in the encoding specified in Cocoon's configuration.

Have a great Easter holiday :-) Best regards.

Pawel Pesz, Wroclaw, Poland

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