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From "Paul Lamb" <>
Subject cocoon2 & webserver ponderings
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2000 03:47:26 GMT
I'm in the death march to finish a project right now and my client wants to
talk to me tomorrow about their next project, a new internet search
engine--something like google, only better. So to bring some reality back to
the picture, I've found this ray of hope thinking about the things I want to
do with cocoon2.

After checking out cocoon2, I really began thinking about how interesting it
would be to integrate the sitemap concept directly with a java based
webserver. For that matter you'd probably also look at integrating the
caching system too.

Has anyone else thought about this? I've been using the w3c Jigsaw for
sometime now, and the changes to it to support this wouldn't be
overwhelming, and once catalina becomes a reality then you could integrate
it and jasper.

Paul Lamb

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