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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: Playing with Cocoon 2
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 11:24:01 GMT
> > Anyway, back to the point of this.  I managed to get my own generator
> > running which displays the page "<status></status>", which is a start.
> > then hunted through the component manager interfaces but could not find
> > anything to get an enumeration over all of the loaded components.  Is
> > a method I am missing totally or shall I add it and mail the patches?
> I'm running into a similar problem with my XIncludeFilter. How do I get a
> reference to the sitemap's parser (so I don't hard code xerces in)? If
> Filters or SitemapComponents had access to the ComponentManager object,
> I'd be set, but they don't. Would it be better to add a
> setComponentManager method to Filter, add it to SitemapComponent, add it
> as a fifth argument to the SitemapComponent setup method, or something
> else entirely?

I'd say SitemapComponent should have the method.

> For your problem, I'd reckon that ComponentManager oughta be enhanced with
> a Enumeration getComponentNames() method.

Done - easy patch.  Now I'm wondering about status...  Obviously at some
point all components will need to return status information, but in which
interface is it obtained from?  Shall I add String getStatus() to Component?
Or create a Status interface a la Cocoon 1.x?  I'm in favour of adding it to
Component but as I don't know all of the design decisions, I don't want to
do the changes, then rewrite them.


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