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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject [C2] DOMBuilder
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 14:52:57 GMT

The discussion recently about "does DOMBuilder work" was rather apt - as
about that time I found a bug in it...  I could work around it at the time
as I was concentrating on other development (ImageEncoders for Cocoon 2, en
route to {Pier now)  but I looked into it today, and found a bug in the DTD

Basically: when DOMBuilder reaches a DTD, it treats it as any other event
stream instead of handling it specially.  The SAX parser returns element
names like "[dtd]" (for the dtd) and "%shared", which the standard entitiy
resolver doesn't like.  Xerces crashes with an Illegal Character error,
called from DOMBuilder.startEntity().  I could reproduce this error any time
by giving putting a SVG document with a DTD through SVGSerializer.

I'm not a SAX guru, so can anybody who is try to fix this bug?

Ross Burton

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