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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: Platforms for Java 2...
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 10:31:00 GMT
The irony of this is that several 'Show Case' Java projects that they've
highlighted (one I'm responsible for for Saab AB) run on NetBSD and FreeBSD

The NetBSD JDK porter has consistently reported that Sun REFUSES to permit
the same licensencing they've conceded to the Linux camp to us *BSD users.

Damn it, I'm going back to tcl/tk :)

For my part I have 8 servers which will soon REQUIRE the use of the JDK 1.2.
Which means we'll either have to run blackdown's port in emulation or do it
our selves. Ouch. Yikes, strike that.


>Sun tell me there's "no demand" for Java 2 on FreeBSD. I suspect that
>this is simply coz people don't think its worth asking, but some
>facts'n'figures would help...
>So, in an ideal world, what plaform would you like to run Tomcat, Cocoon
>and all the other good Java server stuff on? Don't tell me what you
>_are_ using (coz obviously that will only include platforms that are
>already supported), tell me what you'd be happiest using.
>I'll count the results and publish them.

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