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From "Jeff Martin" <>
Subject Re: MS Word Producer
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 20:20:12 GMT
It may do but not in any useful way. I think it's just marketing support
rather than anything useful. I did install Office 200 once but since it
doesn't seem to mention XML in the help files anywhere I gave it up.

But aside from this the documents are to a large extent Word 95 docs because
of problems of backwards compatibility with later versions of word. Also I
don't have control over the documents and it's practically impossible to get
someone to save a document into a different format everytime they update it.

I need a real no brain solution so a process which can exam these docs and
produce an XML based version it the tidiest way to get them published on a
web site.

It's an experiment if it works great if not at least I tried ;o)

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From: Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
To: <>
Date: 06 April 2000 00:26
Subject: Re: MS Word Producer

>Jeff Martin wrote:
>> Just wondering if anyone had ever tried creating XML documents on the fly
>> from MS Word documents.
>> I've got a load of word documents which I want to give people web access
>> browse whilst keeping the word documents as the master.
>> I was thinking of using COM/Word Basic to get at the document structure
>> produce an basic XML version of the document structure. This can then be
>> placed into a cocoon producer and then passed on into a more usable
>> type (e.g. PDF, HTML). I know that I'll probably lose a lot of the
>> of the document but as long as I can get the general info across I'm not
>> worried.
>> I know it's stupid but then so am I ;o)
>> Anyone ever tried anything like this?
>Hmmm... Doesn't Office2000 exports all the stuff in XML????
> Pier
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