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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: Documentation grammars, was:[Re: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings]
Date Sun, 02 Apr 2000 09:26:06 GMT

It is relevant in so far as any developement effort that doesn't account for
it's documentation is a WASTE. I've currently got two developers working on
visual tools to contribute back to the xml projects at asf. They MUST
produce decent documentation in our context in order for the tools to be of
any value beyond the scope of projects they implement it for.

However, I understand your desire to move beyond this. As long as Stefano
and co's designs remain coherent, the documentation has been superlative
anyway. I'll shut up on this count.

We're, as usual about 2 or 3 weeks behind, but we have prototypes of schema
based editing tools in beta now (being burned in in tests with the client).
Those tools should be delivered to you guys in the next week. I guess once
I'm (via the company) contributing some code, the issues of maintaining it
can be addressed :)

Mark (not mike) Washeim

>> As for my part, if you think a discussion of docbook is a waste of time,
>> should try getting out of the perpetual CALS table model discussion I've
>> been working through for the last n years....
>I think it's NOT relevant here, where we're discussing about the
>implementation of a publishing framework called Cocoon. if you guys want
>to fight about anything (because lately the discussion _was_ a fight)
>that is not strictly related to the architecture and bugs of Cocoon
>2.0,  please don't do it here... Or if you do, just tell me, and I'll be
>more than happy to unsubscribe...
>I don't want to see my friends flaming each other on things that are, on
>this mailing list, of marginal importance. We _have_ to concentrate on
>the tool right now, and get it out for JavaONE... Because that's the
>promise I made on behalf of this group, and regardeless of the fact that
>the group follows me or not, I'm going to maintain it.
> Pier
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