Joseph, I confirm your results with cocoon 1.7. I several other elements of informations. They helped me solve the problem with Cocoon 1.7. Here they are. - Stefano Mazzocchi confimed to me that XSP has a problem in cocoon 1.7, which has now been fixed in CVS (supposedly packaged with the 1.7.1 to be). - Peter Moravek sent me his solution to the problem. I add some of my observations to his material below: With cocoon 1.7: 1/ use xalan_0_19_3D03.jar, 2/ make a directory where to hold the tag libraries, for instance /usr/local/cocoon/taglibs put the XSP part of your style sheets there. (see below for an example). 3/ add this directory to the JServ engine classpath 4/ use the resource:/ way to point to the XSP .xsl file. eg = resource://samplelib.xsl 5/ restart the jserv engine that serves cocoon (you need to restart after each modification you make to a library: serious restriction at development time in my opinion) 6/ touch sample.xml (the source) or clean the repository (there is a cache problem: the page is not recompiled when a library changes, even when you kill and restart the cocoon jserv engine! Now that's really not intuitive..). 7/ access sample.xml When you develop, you need to go through steps 5-7 each time you make a change to the library. Great fun! Well, at least this is a work-around. I wonder if these cache problems will be solved in cocoon 1.7.1. Fabien Campagne Fabien Campagne -- Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, phone: (212)-241-0860 Box 1218, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, fax: (212)-860-3369 One Gustave L. Levy Place, --------------------- New York, NY 10029-6574 ----------------- sample.xml ---------------------------------------------

To the best of my knowledge, it's now

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sample.xsl --------------------------------------------
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx samplelib.xsl in /usr/local/cocoon/taglibs ----------------------- java.util.Date java.text.SimpleDateFormat /* "Example" Class Level Logic */ private static String formatDate(Date date, String pattern) { if (pattern == null || pattern.length() == 0) { pattern = "yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss aa"; } return ("date: " + (new SimpleDateFormat(pattern)).format(date)); } formatDate(new Date(), "") xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Joseph B. Ottinger" wrote: > > On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, James & Sue Ann Birchfield wrote: > > > That would help, huh? :) > > > > Let's see. > > > > I added thiks to my > > = file:/usr/local/apache/xsp/mail.xsl > > > > And I added the taglib class files to my servlet classpath. > > > > I believe that is all I had to change. > > Let me know if that works for you, and if > > not, I will investigate further(Sorry, it > > has been a while since I have been able to look > > at the cocoon stuff) > > I tried this as a variation, as well as just > /home/joeo/public_html/fusion2.xsl (the full path), and various > combinations of valid and invalid URIs, including the one you're > using. Using just the path (no protocol) didn't throw a > FileNotFoundException, but it didn't work. > > Using file:/home... threw the filenotfound exception. > > Using the full proper URI (file:///home/joeo...) threw the file not found > exception. > > using file://home/joeo... had the same effect. Only by not using the > protocol at ALL did I not get the file not found exception, but that also > did nothing (it didn't apply the stylesheet.) > > Using an HTTP protocol (i.e., > > was the line in ALSO threw a file not found exception, > which I rather expected. :) > > I suppose that by now, it's safe to say that' internal > notes are incorrect - it's not using a URL to the file. (I've verified the > path is correct.) It's fully possible my XSL file isn't correct, of > course, but that shouldn't be causing these problems. > > ----------------------------------------------------------- > Joseph B. Ottinger > HOMES.COM Developer > PGP Key is :