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Subject Re: Plan for Pipeline Logging
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 17:13:55 GMT

Hi Robin.  Depending on how closely coupled with Xalan you want to be, you
might take a look at the Xalan "listener" interfaces, which are there for
the purposes of debugging.


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                                         Subject:     Plan for Pipeline Logging          
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I would like to have a look at the intermediate result trees generated
during the Cocoon processing pipeline (and even just the output tree, since

my pages are generating a malformed meta refresh tag, so I can't even see
the result page in IE!) for debugging purposes, so I am working on a new
logger level, "pipeline", which will log each intermediate result tree to a

separate file in the repository (probably calling them foo$1.xml, foo$2.xml

etc). Of course the Xalan command-line executor can be used for simple
debugging, but if XSP or request parameters are involved, it's best to
in Cocoon directly.

I plan to encapsulate the Repository code in a very small class since it will be used by both

XSP and the pipeline logger, and to change the property name from
"processor.xsp.repository" to "repository.dir" (keeping the comments
attached) since it will no longer be just about XSP necessarily. Also
some of the IO util methods to org.apache.cocoon.IOUtils, just for

Does this sound okay or am I stepping on any toes?

P.S. This is Cocoon-1.7.1dev I am talking about here.

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