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Subject Re: [STATUS] Roadmap
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 22:18:32 GMT

We should be distributing Xalan 1.0.0 on Tuesday, so it would be great if
you can hold off for 1.7.1 until then.


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here's the roadmap so that everyone is happy and can make their plans:

1) No more 1.x major distributions (no 1.8, only 1.7.x) until Cocoon 2.0
is final

2) 1.7.1 as soon as you guys agree (I'm ready)

3) Cocoon 2.0alpha1 in two weeks (full distribution with sample, docs,
readme, build file, required library and all that)

4) Cocoon 2.0beta1 for JavaONE (June)

5) Cocoon 2.0 final for ApacheCON 2000 Europe (October)

6) Until 2.0 final, we'll continue to patch 1.7.x but no more features
will be added.

Brett, everything you write in the book will be totally broken so you'd
better say so and the best you can do is copy the Cocoon2 overview page
found in the distribution.

There will always be time for a second revision of the book :) (besides
printed books are never up-to-date, expecially in the open source

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