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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Layout-driven vs. content-driven
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 08:50:55 GMT
> Gerard van Enk wrote:
> >
> > If I use XInclude for the layout template how will I be able to
> use frames,
> > because all the information is in one file? Or will it be a
> file with the
> > url's to the content?
> No, you use XINCLUDE in the stylesheet the produces your huge PDF or the
> one producing the non-framed version of your website, XLINK in the one
> that produces the framed one.
> The thought is taking shape. It depends on where the final "merging"
> should occour. If the final merging occours on the server side, you use
> XINCLUDE, if on the client side, XLINK...

I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying.

Is the following possible with Xlink/Xpointer? I'm not finished reading
everything from the Xlink/Xpointer documentation.......

1. There's a layout-template in which the layout is defined.
2. This template is merged with the content using Xinclude.
3. A stylesheet is applied to the merged file. This produces a frameset
which is sent to the browser. This frameset contains URIs which can be
translated by Cocoon into Xpointers. These Xpointers are pointers to parts
of the merged file (step 2).
4. At stylesheet is applied to the parts of the merged file pointed to by
the Xpointers. These are sent back to the browser.

Is this possible or am I talking nonsens?


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