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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 10:59:00 GMT
> > What does this MPEG2 serializer do?
> it _would_ create a browsable MPEG2 stream that you send to your settop
> box thru a satellite link so that you can _publish_ web sites on your TV
> directly.
> Think about something like this
>  TV <- box <-(mpeg2)- satellite <- gateway <-> cocoon
>   |                                  ^
>   +--> phone ------------------------+
> where the "gateway" is something that translates proprietary or MPEG
> specific protocols, into some request that cocoon can understand, then
> adapt cocoon response to the output stream.
> the MPEG2 serializer would generate the up-stream payload, depending on
> user input.
> DISCLAIMER: this is WILD! and I'm not even going to plan to touch
> something like this... but in theory it is possible to make Cocoon do
> the publishing even for stream-based digital broadcasting systems based
> on XML files. Many times, publishing is one way only (push) like for
> indexes, or program information, or even for box code remote upload.
> Some of this could easily be published by Cocoon, given an output
> channel to the box.
This sounds very interesting...although I'm not getting it completely.
I'm working at a broadcasting organization, so this is a part which can be
interesting for us!


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