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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: Some Cocoon-Hacks [Was: Re: Best way to include ouitput of one page into another?]
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:04:32 GMT

> > Look into Catalina (which is Craig's own try for Things
> > like Tyrex ( have been using these tomcat-specific
> > hooks to implement session transaction on top of tomcat. They were
> > designed to do what you wanted to do... I believe.
> [...]
> I couldn't find something about "Catalina" or these Tomcat-Hooks
> -- can someone
> give me a hint where to search?

Look at the jakarta-tomcat cvs module in the 'proposals/catalina'-directory.

> After that vacation, I'll start to study IT at the ETH Zurich. (After
> software-engineering in practice for the last years, I thought, it would
> nice to actually _learn_ it. :-) I will also have to do some work for
> NetHorizon, to make the money I need to live. Last but not least, I
> about eventually starting my own Open-Source project. (For example, I
> would like a Rational-Rose-like tool, but written in Java and with an
> Open-Source license. What I found on the web last time I searched, didn't
> really satisfied me, so maybe, I'll write my own Open-Source-RR in Java.)

Did you take a look at <>? It looks interesting.....


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