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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Layout-driven vs. content-driven
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 20:51:43 GMT

> > But how do I define if it's becoming a merged file or a frameset?
> the sitemap will tell.

By using the xinclude or the xlink filter?

> > I thought this is done by a serializer?
> It was an example. You can also transform FO into HTML using XSLT or
> your own magic filter.
> > I'd like to use the same file for the html or the pdf.
> Sure, then you need lots of serialization logic. Don't get me wrong, I
> do believe in this approach as the winner one in the long term... but
> right now there are many simpler solution and using the direct layout ->
> HTML frameset transformation is the simplest one by far :)

Ok, for now we'll go for the simplest solution 8-)

> > But isn't the choice between frames or tables something that
> must be done in
> > the last stage of the processing?
> oh, if you want to have that choice, yes, totally.
> > I'm happy with the solution of doing it somewhere in the middle of the
> > processing chain.......but I thought this was something for the
> > serializing.....It's clear I don't understand it as good as I
> thought I did
> > 8-(
> No, you got it right. Simply don't forget that there is no only one way
> of doing things. Not many (I'm not a great fan of PERL reasoning), but a
> few.

That's true, I like to keep things simple, that's why I'm programming Java
instead of Perl..........

> Of course, our goal is to make sure that you are not forced to use the
> best one, but you do it by yourself. But this takes both time to develop
> the software and time for the standards to stability and get digested by
> the community.
> FO is great, IMO, but it's a pain to learn from the spec... almost
> impossible without visual descriptions of the formatting layout. But as
> soon as you have visual tools for that... shees, have you seen the SVG
> example with the Adobe SVG Viewer as Netscape plugin? no?
> Well go and find out. You MUST go there NOW to
> understand what I really mean.

ok, ok....I'll check it out 8-)


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