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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: Some Cocoon-Hacks [Was: Re: Best way to include ouitput of one page into another?]
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 07:28:56 GMT
> > >Cocoon 1.x if feature-frozen: means that even if you donate the code, I
> > >won't add it. This is to _suggest_ people to work on Cocoon2.
> >
> > OK. Cocoon 2 then.
> yes. Niclas expressed the need for internal subrequesting and I have
> different feelings about them.
> We already agreed on using _sort_of_ internal subrequesting to do XSP
> compilation: we use one pipeline to generate the java bytecode out of
> XML pages (thru XSP components), then instantiate that bytecode as a
> generator for the subsequent calls.
> So, it is -not- what you wanted to do (if I understood correctly), but
> rather willing to "include" the output of another pipeline into your
> request.
> Now... you could place pipeline information inside your page, and this
> is a -1 from me. But if you want to do something like
> <page>
>  <cocoon:include src=°./banner" force-user-agent="cocoon">
>  ....
> </page>
> or something like this, I see no problems.
> We already thought about implementing the XInclude spec... I think this
> is better than having cocoon-specific namespaces but it might not have
> all the semantics we'd like to have like encoding, fake user-agent,
> parameters and such...
> what do others think about this?

I think we'll have to try to use XInclude for this...if it doesn't have all
the semantics we want, we'll have to come with a different solution!

> Look into Catalina (which is Craig's own try for Things
> like Tyrex ( have been using these tomcat-specific
> hooks to implement session transaction on top of tomcat. They were
> designed to do what you wanted to do... I believe.

Tyrex looks promising for a few problems I ran into lately....thanks!


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