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From Jerm <>
Subject SVG & SMIL update
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 18:59:17 GMT
Hi All,

In May, Adobe is releasing LiveMotion 1.0, dubbed the "Flash Killer" a new vector-based interactive
multimedia authoring tool.

It is said to export Flash binaries as well as "standard static file formats like GIF, SVG,
PNG and JPEG".

Nice to see SVG mentioned. (Scalable Vector Graphics, an XML graphics format).

Looking at the latest specs, it seems interactive abilities are beginning to appear, hopefully
I can read them this week. 


Abobe's SVG plugins are here:

Maybe one day we'll get a QuickTime SVG Codec.

Been playing more with SMIL (Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language). Apple's new QuickTime
4.1 runs SMILs quite successfully.

Not everything in the Spec appears to have been finished yet. Reading the docs one gets the
impression Apple has implemented only the features they though would best serve advertising
banner makers. I guess at least that meant it was released earlier than it otherwise would.


So far I have been unable to get the following to work:
	(maybe they are unimplemented or I'm just thick :)

	Hyperlinking to SMIL fragments ie. 
		<a href="presentation.smil#section2"> ... </a>
		or <a href="#section2"> ... </a>

	Targetting internal objects ie.
		<a href="presentation.smil" target="region3"> ... </a>
	Or, more usefully, both together!
Without this functionality, It seems more difficult to build interactive media. SMIL can target
browser frames no problem, so it's not totally unusable ;) I have yet to investigate Wired
Sprites ...
One rather wacky facility they implemented is the 'data' URL protocol. It allows you to embed
the asset in the URL?! Handy for inserting lots of tiny things! ie.

	<img dur="10s" region="blah"
		src="data:image/gif,thebase64dataforthegifgoeshere ......."/>
	<img dur="10s" region="blah"
		src="data:text/plain,{QText} ....... [00:00:10.0]%0d"/>
I have not got any samples online yet, sorry.

I've got a lot more digging to do ....

hope this helps

regards Jeremy


   Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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