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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts about XMLForms and symmetry on Cocoon
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2000 12:22:57 GMT
On 10/3/00 at 12:33 am, (Angel Faus) wrote:

>Hi Everybody.
>While studying the XMLForm servlet designed by Donald Ball, i come around
>with some ideas I'd like to share with you. Those ideas grow bigger and are
>now nearly a proposal. If you like what I am suggesting here, I would be
>happy to contribute to the completion of the project.

Donald and I have just agreed to collaborate in developing a proposal for an XSP
TagLib to implement some of what you are proposing with regard to Form handling,
building, checking, processing, storing etc.

Whether we are successful or not will be another issue :)

My hope is that this will result in a generic TagLib that will considerably
assist the whole process of having HTML Forms on Cocoon sites, for whatever
purpose. Further that this TagLib will embody good design practise in terms of
the separation of contracts ... logic, content, style.

Your suggestions are useful, it helps me understand what this thing needs to do
to be truly a generic solution.

regards Jeremy


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