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From Noels Steven <>
Subject RE: [RT] Layout-driven vs. content-driven
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 16:54:45 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Also, remind you, web browsers will have FO rendering at one point. At
> that point, the example above will be only one making any 
> good sense and
> HTML rendering will be done for those FO-impared platforms.

A bold statement, if I may say so.

> > Since we have been implementing a similar 'attack plan' for 
> rendering
> > xml-based websites from our content mgmt system, I can only 
> agree with the
> > plan Stefano sketched - do not forget however that most of 
> the sitebar stuff
> > will be dynamically generated, and depending on the 
> position of the document
> > in the site hierarchy.
> I didn't. In fact the sidebar will be generated dynamically using a
> DirectoryGenerator of some sort.

I'm glad I made the wrong assumption.

> > We attach two stylesheets to one XML document, which has 
> been 'enriched'
> > with navigation and location info. One stylesheet creates 
> the basic page
> > grid using that info, the other one does the basic layout stuff.
> Yeah, it's an approach.

Due to some 'circumstances', the timing isn't right to connect our stuff
with Cocoon - building a Corba client annex Cocoon Producer doesn't fit in
our development schedule right now. But who knows what the future will

> > (been lurking for months - not a coder - but congratulating 
> this group for
> > its professionalism - this list is a joy to read each morning)
> Thank you. This is a very nice to hear. :)

No problem, as long as you keep on posting your [RT]'s :-)


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