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From "Timm, Sean" <>
Subject Problem with CDATA and xsl:comment -- only in Cocoon...
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 21:58:17 GMT
We've run into a problem using Cocoon 1.7.1.  We've got a CDATA section with
JavaScript in it, and the CDATA is contained within xsl:comment.  If we just
run Xalan against the XML and XSL, it comes out correctly with the
Javascript properly spaced like it should be and surrounded with the comment
tags like you'd expect.

However, if this same XML data is run through Cocoon, the comments still
surround the JavaScript, but the spacing of the JavaScript is all screwed up
as if we hadn't used the CDATA tags.

I plan on looking into this after our current deadline, but I thought I'd
shoot this off to the list in case anyone else had seen this behavior, knows
that it is already fixed, or wants to have a go at it before I get a chance.
If you know anything about this issue, I'd appreciate some feedback.


- Sean T.

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