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From Mike Pogue <>
Subject Re: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 16:18:36 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> ------- XSchema ------------
> getting very complex, but namespace validation is something that we need
> like fresh air... can't wait to throw DTDs down the drain... Anyway,
> we'll get those for free as soon as it's out because the Xerces people
> will die over it for us... and this is great :)

Unfortunately, validation with namespaces enabled is not well defined yet.  It's not clear
to me
that the whole namespace mess will be resolved by schema.  (sorry!)

> ---------- DocBook --------------
> Same as above. Heard that DocBook 5.0 will target for XML. That is very
> nice. Also plan to work with Norman to move all the cocoon documentation
> into DocBook, as well as porting a docbook-> stylebook
> skin.

Funny that you should mention DocBook in this context!  The original Stylebook idea was to
do a
"DocBook Lite", because DocBook was way too complex for general use.  But, feedback from actual
writers was that even DocBook Lite was too complex for general use (it's powerful, but way
complicated and more verbose than necessary).

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