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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Bug reports...
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 02:58:04 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Let's keep things simple. if your java_home is not set, you have to set
> it. Simple enough.
> Good guesses don't help... either you do autoconf stuff or nothing.
> BTW, you should set your java_home environment anyway for good behavior
> (otherwise, how do you change JVM while you go?)

Ah Ha!! A handicapped Windows user speaking...

We have (and you don't) something called symbolic links, meaning we can create a
reference to another file or directory (or device, process and so forth). This works
at file system level, and not the dinky toy of Links in Windows Explorer. And this
can be cascaded, so

ln -s /java/sun/jdk1.2.2  /java/jdk1.2
ln -s /java/jdk/1.2 /java/jdk

creates a reference chain of

/java/jdk  ->  /java/jdk1.2  ->  /java/sun/jdk1.2.2-final

So, assuming I want to change from Sun's to Blackdown's implementation in
/java/blackdown/jdk1.2.2-rc3, I do

rm /java/jdk1.2    #Remove existing link
ln -s /java/blackdown/jdk1.2.2-rc3  /java/jdk1.2 #Create new link

Nothing else...

I disagree that Environment variables are a good way to go on Linux.
a)  A lot of people have no idea how to set them permanently
b)  Setting them permanently is different on different distrubtions on Linux.
c)  There are different ways for users and all_users.
d)  Which does not include processes started at boot time, such as JServ.

I think many (most?) Linux users agrees with me. (But I may also be completely


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