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From Ian Abbott <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.2 vs 1.1: the never-ending story.
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 13:15:31 GMT
Mark Washeim wrote:
> >So, go with JDK 1.2. I mean, who'd use a MacOS system to host a
> >webserver? :)
> Mac OS X.
> There are many German companies using Mac OS X  or NextStep boxes running
> apple application servers (ie, OpenStep stuff).

Well, that's a bit different isn't it? I was talking about "MacOS" in
terms of the incredibly buggy OS that most Mac users run today; i.e.
MacOS 9 and lower, with their awful memory management systems and lack
of pre-emptive multitasking and multithreading.

Mac OS X is a different case. Mac OS X runs on a BSD-alike kernel. In
simple terms, it's a UNIX variant with a large number of Apple/NeXT APIs
overlaid on top of it for handling the "GUI" side (BlueBox, YellowBox,
RedBox, Carbon, Quartz). The Mach kernel ("Darwin") has just been
cross-compiled to x86 as well (check out for
more info).

That's stable. But then it's a UNIX variant running Apache, so I'd
expect it to be. UNIX was, is and will be for some time to come the
chief server platform whether it comes from Sun, SGI, GNU or Apple...

So take my comment in the form of "who'd use a MacOS 9 or less system to
host a webserver?" which is the majority of Mac users right now. Yes,
MacOS X Server is taking off, but it has yet to reach client systems,
where you can imagine that some people may be running Cocoon.

Enough said. Don't take this as a flame. I personally run on a PC
(quad-booting between Win9x, Win2000, Linux and BeOS), an SGI IRIX box
and an Apple Mac, so I have no preferences...


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