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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: More on Cocoon 2 Get going documentation.
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:14:51 GMT
Gerard van Enk wrote:

> > <quote  author="Gerard van Enk">
> >     <html-formatted>
> >         <scrapped  by="Niclas"/>
> >     <html-formatted>
> > </quote>
> >
> > Thanks for looking at details. I am actually not working on the
> > documentation, but to get my system up and running properly. When one
> > does documentation, one should not be bugged down with other things at
> > the same time.
> Ok, but if you post some documentation, it has to be correct ;-)

:o)  But it is a matter of small evolutionary steps towards a better world.
I saw that some small adjustments to an existing document would help a lot,
I made them, and put them for public review. The essence of OSS, isn't it??

> But hey, everyone make mistakes......

The saying goes; "You learn from your mistakes."
That is absolutely incorrect. If that was the case, I would be perfect by
now  :o)


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