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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: XSP and file://
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2000 21:27:49 GMT
Keith Visco wrote:
> Ricardo,
> I don't think this is a bug in Java...I think the correct file URL
> should be:
> "file:///whatever"
> note the 3 slashes...according to the URI specification the absolute URL
> should constist of the protocol, followed by "//" then the hostname,
> then another "/"

It isn't a bug in Java.  The RFC says that you can specify a host as in:

file:// and your URI provider should use FTP to
access it.  I actually don't like this and think it is a design error in
the RFC :(


Kevin A Burton (
Message to SUN:  "Please Open Source Java!"
"For evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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