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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.2 vs 1.1: the never-ending story.
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 09:56:30 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> I don't entirely agree, it has been a very stable and powerful (and
> accessible) server platform for me for years. I've got servers that
> have not been rebooted for over a year ....

I know... But the multitasking environment is not the best you can get,
performance-wise, under load there are other OSs who respond better and
so on... Look, I am one of the greatest MAC fans on this planet, but I
still prefer a good Unix kernel to serve my 10000000s hits/sec :)

> But I am looking forward to MacOSX same as you!

The MacOSX Server works _REALLY_ good... On a G4/500 (I believe) it was
serving pages like a champ, and the GUI _IS_ nice ( not like that X
stuff on other unices!)


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