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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.2 vs 1.1: the never-ending story.
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2000 14:59:36 GMT
Ross Burton wrote:
> > > What do you guys think? Should we still aim for Java 1.1? Or just keep
> > > the core 1.1 and add plugins that require 1.2 separate but still leaving
> > > people with the ability to have basic functionality?
> > >
> > > Comments appreciated.
> >
> > We still have a good 6 months of development... If in 6 months they'll
> > not catch up with a 1.2 JVM... Well, sorry...
> > I just started using the 1.3, so, please, at least let me develop
> > against the 1.2 :) :) :)
> What are the actual advantages of 1.2.x opposed to 1.1.x?
> As far as I can see it:
> * Swing (not relevant)

Swing can be used in 1.1 also.

> * Collections (appaling architecture, and if we really need powerful ADTs
> then use the JGL)

Collections can be used in 1.1 also.

> * Classloader extensions?  I've heard this but are they useful?  It seems
> that the current problem with classloaders stems from bugs in JServ/Tomcat.

The problem could be worked around.
> I like having the core system 1.1.x, and as many plugins 1.1.x too, but
> 1.2.x is they need to be.

There is only one place where we can't have 1.1: MemoryStore. I love the
idea of weak references and I'm sure that we can get around some
implementation limitations by fragmenting the memory... anyway, yeah,
cocoon 2.0 could work on 1.1 just as it works on it right now... but we
_must_ push this a little forward.
> Really I shouldn't care as I use 1.2.2 for development, but we'll probably
> be using IBM's 1.1.8 for Linux for real use as it is sooo much faster.

Ok, this all comes down to the real issue: performance.

I _KNOW_ that IBM JDK 1.2 for both win32 and linux (codename Colorado)
is ready to ship and faster than 1.1.8 on both platforms.

So, do you seriously believe that by October they would not release it?

Well, if that doesn't happen and IBM has serious issues with Sun, having
Cocoon tied to 1.2 is going to be the least of your troubles :)

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