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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] Roadmap
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 22:33:44 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> 1) No more 1.x major distributions (no 1.8, only 1.7.x) until Cocoon 2.0
> is final

Yeeeeeeee :)

> 2) 1.7.1 as soon as you guys agree (I'm ready)

Kute :)

> 3) Cocoon 2.0alpha1 in two weeks (full distribution with sample, docs,
> readme, build file, required library and all that)

Gotcha.. I'll be down there next week... Let's work on it together at
your place...

> 4) Cocoon 2.0beta1 for JavaONE (June)
> 5) Cocoon 2.0 final for ApacheCON 2000 Europe (October)

Agreed on both deadlines (also because I proposed them to you :)

> 6) Until 2.0 final, we'll continue to patch 1.7.x but no more features
> will be added.

I really don't care about the 1.x tree... At this point I believe that
Cocoon 2.0 reached enough stability to bring new features down that

> Brett, everything you write in the book will be totally broken so you'd
> better say so and the best you can do is copy the Cocoon2 overview page
> found in the distribution.
> There will always be time for a second revision of the book :) (besides
> printed books are never up-to-date, expecially in the open source
> world).

Totally agreed.... We still have a long road to go... and many things
can be changed expecially in the next couple of months (before JavaONE).
It should be smoother after that...


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