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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts about XMLForms and symmetry on Cocoon
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2000 10:39:30 GMT
Angel Faus wrote:

> (I know everybody is in the ApacheCon, and you all will probably come with a
> lot of great ideas on your mind, but i will really appreciate comments on my
> suggestions).

I really appreciated your proposal since I believe you put lots of
reasoning into it and it's _always_ a great thing to do.

But having spent the last week thinking along these lines while writing
my slides using Cocoon, I believe that your proposal is wrong by design
(hey, don't worry, it was the same thing that occurred to me too!)

The fact is that by using something like "xsp:chain" (as Niclas wisely
outlines) you not only tie XSP to Cocoon's sitemap, but also make the
two things overlap. In fact, you are using part of the sitemap
capabilities inside XSP as new functionalities.

Instead, I believe is more reasonable to have a good support for
inclusion of other cocoon-generated URIs, as Ricardo is doing right now.

So you simply say "I want the result of that URI here" and Cocoon will
be called again. The result can be either created at runtime (if
dynamic) or at compile time (if static).

Also, in case you want to change how that URI is created, you do so in
the sitemap, and you don't mess up with the XSP page.

Everyone agrees that the functionality you propose is a great thing to
have. But many of us believe that having a programmatic include is
better than specifying how to generate it using subchains.

Also, it's a dangerous path to follow: people will want to do subchains
inside subchains and so on. With programmatic inclusion you gain the
same power without loosing any of what you already have.

Hope it makes sense.

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