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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts about XMLForms and symmetry on Cocoon
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2000 04:19:22 GMT
Angel Faus wrote:

> Ok. I agree with you that it would be better i we could get the same effect
> without having to make any significant changes in the XSP stuff. What's
> exactly your suggestion? I mean, how would you start a chain of Generator +
> Filters within a XSP file, and then being able to use the output of that in
> the next step of the xml processing?? The idea is having the ability to
> start a chain whose output doesn't got the client browser, but to another
> consumer (a XSP library): XML file, Mail, XML database, whatever....

In fact, the original proposal some months ago was not specific to the XSP, but
to Cocoon in general in respect to the then upcoming SiteMap.
So I guess we are at a point of conflict. Is XSP independent of Cocoon? Should
all XSP pages be execution compatible in all its running environments? If the
answer is YES, then you need to do some serious thinking. What resources must
be provided to the XSP author? File system? Network? Security? and so on.
But Stefano, I believe, myself and others more sees XSP as a language
independent and platform/environment independent compiled code generation out
of XML syntax. May it be Java, Perl or C++. May it be interpreted or compiled
natively to the hardware. May it use any resource available or not.
And if this is the case, Cocoon is ONE XSP environment, which has a defined set
of resources available. One of them would be the SiteMap, and if the SiteMap is
a pluggable module, which can be of any complexity you may think of, you are
practically free to come up with any strategy you wish.

The XSP code gets hold of the SiteMap object and instruct it how to proceed.
Cocoon will ask the SiteMap for next stage, and so forth.

I am not sure whether Pier has moved into this yet, but I am pretty sure there
will be something along these lines in Cocoon 2.


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