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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: R:R:pathargs problem
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2000 03:26:05 GMT wrote:
> "Timm, Sean" <> wrote:
> > I don't see any reason that you *can't* specify xsl:version, but it's
> > not required.
> Review the XSLT recommendation quote again:
> "An element from the XSLT namespace may have any attribute not from the
> XSLT namespace, provided that the expanded-name of the attribute has a
> non-null namespace URI."
> Over the past year I've tried to read James Clark-speak.  Since
> xslt:version *is* in the XSLT namespace, then the above would seem to imply
> that it is not legal.  

maybe it's a problem with my english, but the above says "may" not

"MAY have any attribute NOT from the XSLT namespace"

doesn't say anything about attributes that already ARE on the XSLT

> If you invert the first part: "An element from the
> XSLT namespace may *not* have any attribute *in* the XSLT namespace", then
> you get how I am reading it.  

Sorry, but this is totally wrong.

More formally:

 attribute is valid if
   doesn't belong to the XSLT namespace
   its expanded-name has a non-null namespace URI

the negation is (following the DeMorgan theorem)

 attribute is NOT valid if
   NOT(doesn't belong to the XSLT namespace)
   NOT(its expanded-name has a non-null namespace URI)

which becomes

 attribute is invalid if
   belongs to the XSLT namespace
   its expanded-name has a null namespace URI

which clearly breaks the spec. So there is something wrong in your
negation approach.

> This may be a misinterpretation somehow, or
> an over application of legalism.  Hell if I know.  I just want a stylesheet
> that Xalan let's you produce be interoperable with other processors.  So
> clearly this has to be disambiguated by the WG.  Because we all want to
> live in a world where users have choices about what software to run, these
> legalisms are very important when it comes to standards.

oh sure. but in general, I see no problem in allowing the user of the
XSLT namespace for attributes.

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