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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Layout-driven vs. content-driven
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 11:23:41 GMT
Noels Steven wrote:
> > Now, let's look again at a possible marked-up representation of the
> > layout
> >
> >  <area name="page" xmlns:x="">
> >   <area name="top">
> >    <area name="logo">
> >     <x:xinclude x:href="/images/logo.svg" x:parse="xml"/>
> >    </area>
> >    <area name="bar">
> >     <x:xinclude x:href="/images/topbar.svg" x:parse="xml"/>
> >    </area>
> >   </area>
> >   <area name="side">
> >    <area name="index">
> >     <x:xinclude x:href="/" x:parse="xml"/>
> >    </area>
> What's the point of going to FO's? Even if a 'fo2html' serializer did an
> equivalent job as the 'classic' xml2html filter, this seems like overdoing
> it.

Please, consider the above just an example. Like, for example, the XSLT
initial examples that were done in FO + XSLT.

Anyway, while i see your point, I think you are missing part of the
picture. Suppose you want to have a PDF and HTML page with the same
structural layout. True, you could have your layout rendering html
mapping logic in your stylesheets and, the same for FO. then use two
different serializers.

Or have one stylesheet and place more of the rendering logic in one

For now, there is no option: FOP doesn't render HTML and probably will
take a while before that is implemented (if ever!). But generally
speaking, if you had a visual graphic tool for FO rendering (Adobe
FrameMaker for XML?), I would _love_ to be able to specify _where_ and
_how_ my text appears and all that stuff.

Also, remind you, web browsers will have FO rendering at one point. At
that point, the example above will be only one making any good sense and
HTML rendering will be done for those FO-impared platforms.

> Since we have been implementing a similar 'attack plan' for rendering
> xml-based websites from our content mgmt system, I can only agree with the
> plan Stefano sketched - do not forget however that most of the sitebar stuff
> will be dynamically generated, and depending on the position of the document
> in the site hierarchy.

I didn't. In fact the sidebar will be generated dynamically using a
DirectoryGenerator of some sort.
> We attach two stylesheets to one XML document, which has been 'enriched'
> with navigation and location info. One stylesheet creates the basic page
> grid using that info, the other one does the basic layout stuff.

Yeah, it's an approach.
> </Steven>
> (been lurking for months - not a coder - but congratulating this group for
> its professionalism - this list is a joy to read each morning)

Thank you. This is a very nice to hear. :)

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