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From John Tigue <>
Subject Re: XBASE [was: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings]
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 20:45:38 GMT
> ----------- XBase ----------------
> xbase is a simple way to make it possible for
xml-handlers to know the
> base URI of that document. At first, it looks like
Cocoon _should_ be
> able to use that information in order to locate
URIs. The question is:
> does XBase violate concern separation?
> think about it: if you have
xbase:base="http://myhost/mypath/" in your
> document, how are you going to move it around?
> Hmmm, makes me think that XBase is good on client
side, but on server
> side sucks.
<snip />

True, absolute URIs to "neighbor" resources are

The XBASE WD says that the value of  xml:base can be a
relative URI. 
See the section entitled "Resolving Relative URIs "
[1] for how this is to 
work. I would expect that apps/docs could still
benefit from some 
shorthand on the server side (in terms of convenience,
maintainance, and verbosity).  

-John Tigue

XBASE WD, section 3 

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