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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: More on Cocoon 2 Get going documentation.
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 20:00:01 GMT

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From: Kevin A. Burton <>
To: <>
Date: 27 March 2000 10:12
Subject: Re: More on Cocoon 2 Get going documentation.

>Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>> Please find included minor revision of the installing.xml document to
>> make Cocoon 2 work.
>> Niclas
>>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
>> Cocoon requires the following systems to be already installed in your
>> system:
>>    * Java Virtual Machine A Java 1.2 or greater compatible virtual
>>      machine must be present for both command line and servlet type
>>      usage of Cocoon. Note that all servlet engines require a JVM to
>>      run so if you are already using servlets you already have one
>>      installed.
>Huh?  Did I miss something?  Was this voted on/talked about recently?
>This is a very bad idea as Linux/FreeBSD machines are still out the door
>on this issue.
>I have yet to see a real reason why JDK 1.2 is required.  It takes 10%
>more time to do JDK 1.1 stuff.

+1 on that. We are in the middle of trying to deliver with 1.1.8 as
operative JVM AND using cocoon for rendering. Please do not force us (LM) to
branch on 1.7.x and continue developing there as you move on to 2. It would
be very destructive.

Since we're trying to develop tools (applet editing and document tools) to
contribute back (the prototypes have been presented to clients) this would
be counter productive in two senses.

Mark Washeim
Technical Director
Large Medium, AB

>Kevin A Burton (
>Message to SUN:  "Please Open Source Java!"
>"For evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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