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From "Corda, Ugo" <>
Subject XML printing in Cocoon
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2000 19:21:57 GMT
I have been thinking about a scenario where a browser asks Cocoon to publish
an XML document on a specified printer. In other words, instead of getting
the document returned to my browser, I want the document to be directly
printed on a printer I specify. The stylesheet to associate with the XML
document should be chosen by Cocoon based on the specified printer, instead
of on the browser that issues the request. 

Let me give an example of what I am talking about. I ask Cocoon (using some
appropriate HTTP request) to print the document mydoc.xml on the network
printer at http://myserver/myprinter. Cocoon selects an appropriate FO-based
stylesheet using a predefined association between the type of printing
device specified and a list of stylesheets. Cocoon also selects the
appropriate formatter (e.g. a PDF formatter or a PS formatter) based on the
type of printing device specified. After these transformations take place,
Cocoon sends the output file (PDF or PS) to the specified printer.

I would like to understand whether:

1)	this can already be done in Cocoon, or is planned to be supported in
Cocoon 2
2)	this could be done via a fairly simple modification of the Cocoon
3)	this would require a substantial rework of the Cocoon engine.

Thank you,

Ugo Corda
Principal Engineer
Xerox Corp.

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