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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: Memorable Moments at ApacheCon
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:44:45 GMT
Funny! While in Berlin, I had an ISDN adaptor brought to me by room service
at the hotel I was staying in! Of course, even the concierge wasn't able to
help me actually get it to function :)

Damn, while you guys where busy having fun at the con, I was dodging
construction obstructions in Berlin!

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From: Ben Laurie <>
To: Apache List <>; Cocoon <>
Date: 18 March 2000 12:50
Subject: Memorable Moments at ApacheCon

>For some reason, these two popped into my head as nice vignettes from
>the Con.
>1. I'm sitting in the press room, which we've taken over for an ASF
>board meeting. I was late and I've got one hell of a hangover (in fact,
>Ken had woken me up just 15 minutes earlier). Everyone else has their
>laptop on the table (I didn't bring one to the Con, I figured I'd have a
>more relaxed time that way) but they've got a problem - they all want
>Internet access. Clearly someone has made a call before I arrived,
>because suddenly someone that looks just like room service arrives, but
>they haven't got coffee. They've brought a hub! I just watch with my
>mouth open while everyone wires up.
>2. Pierpaolo and Stefano are gabbling in Italian. Someone says "they're
>saying rude things about us". Stefano turns around and says, "Nah!
>Higher bandwidth!".
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