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From "Angel Faus" <>
Subject RE: Some thoughts about XMLForms and symmetry on Cocoon
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:58:35 GMT

> Donald and I have just agreed to collaborate in developing a proposal for
an XSP
> TagLib to implement some of what you are proposing with regard to Form
> building, checking, processing, storing etc.
> Whether we are successful or not will be another issue :)
> My hope is that this will result in a generic TagLib that will
> assist the whole process of having HTML Forms on Cocoon sites, for
> purpose. Further that this TagLib will embody good design practise in
terms of
> the separation of contracts ... logic, content, style.
> Your suggestions are useful, it helps me understand what this thing needs
to do
> to be truly a generic solution.

I will wait anxiously your proposal... :)

My humble suggestion would be to differentiate whether the forms are used to
create a XML document, or to edit a existing one. In the second case, what i
was suggesting is to separate in different files the "view" definition (what
is the user allowed to edit); the style (xslt) and the default values of the
form (this would be decided in the dynamic xsp file). This means further
separation that just logic/content/style.

The benefit of having the view stored in a different file is reusability and
a new level of abstraction, specially in the context of a "authoring suite"
i was suggesting.

Thanks for your attention.

    Angel Faus.

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