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From "Brett McLaughlin" <>
Subject Cocoon 2 and accessing XML files
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 18:08:50 GMT

    OK.  I made some silly mistakes in getting Cocoon 2 up, and first wanted
to comment on those:

1) xslp.jar (which is in the CVS pull) is in the bin/ sub-dir, which usually
is only created when Ant does a build... maybe put this in lib/, where all
the libraries are in Cocoon 1.x?  I totally overlooked it, because that dir
is usually 100% generated by Ant.

2) Even some minimal instructions on things like org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
(in 1.x) mapping to org.apache.cocoon.servlet.CocoonServlet (in 2.x)
wouldn't hurt - very easy to not see that and really have problems ;-)

3) Pier said XSL:P dependencies were going away, is that committed yet?


Now, I'm having new problems (but at least it's working, sort of...)

I got the initial argument with the sample configuration.xml file fed into
the Cocoon servlet, and mapped *.xml to that servlet.  I assume that is

The problem is every request to a *.xml file (for example,
http://localhost:8080/text.xml) simply returns this:

<title>Cocoon Version 2.0</title>
<center><h1>Cocoon 2.0: Version 2.0</h1></center>
Ready to process requests...
<!-- PATH_INFO="null" -->

In walking through the CocooServlet code, this would indicate that the
variable uri is always coming up null.  Am I missing something fundamental
about how to make a request for a specific file?  I feel like I am.  Sorry
if some of this has been covered - I've been offline for a couple months
trying to finish up this XML book deal, and now am trying to add Cocoon
coverage... thanks for your help, all.

I also was wondering if there's anything (in old mail on on the website)
that goes into some more detail on what is allowed with the sitemap?

Pier, Stefano, I'm addressing this right to you guys as well because I'm
under some tight deadlines on getting this chapter (the last) to press, and
really want Cocoon 2 coverage in there.  Thanks for putting up with some
nagging over the next few days (warning!) ;-)


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